Towelroot Kitkat APK

Towelroot 4.4.3 APK Download:

Planning to root your Android smartphone which is having Kitkat 4.4.4 or KitKat 4.4.3 or KitKat 4.4.2 no problem to root your device., Towelroot APK is a right choice perhaps one of the best and easy way to root your  Smartphone. It is one of the optimum choices for rooting your android phone without any issues and also it is a very easy process.

Few recommendations before you start Downloading Towelroot Kitkat apk

If you are not particular about your phone’s warranty then rooting is a right choice. At the same time if you root your android phone Unrooting back is not possible. If you are okay with the above suggestions then proceed further for downloading.

Download Towelroot 4.4.3 Apk Kitkat:

Just before starting the download process you should know few things like you should have a computer with internet connection. You should visit a genuine source Towelroot APK website: from your browser.

 Once you find out a right option to download Towelroot for Android, you need to start the process. You can do this directly on your Android smartphone and just follow the steps once it gets completed your smartphone will restart automatically after rooting.

However, it is a better choice to download the Towelroot apk in a PC once you are done with downloading the Towelroot for Lollipop and KitKat then you can transfer it to your Android smartphone. On the other hand, you can make especially the settings, but you should try default settings to root the device. If you observe somewhat extremely complex message while rooting the device, you should make the preferred changes to settings.

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How To Verify  Your Phone Is Rooted or not:

1.  To check phone is rooted or not you have to install  “Root Checker” from Google play, download it and install the same.

2.  Once “Root Checker” is installed just click on it and tap on “Verify Root”.

3.  Then Root Checker will ask for “SuperSu” rights and then click on “Grant”.

4.  If it displays a message “Root Access Verified”, that means you’re your phone’s rooting process is successfully completed.